SourceFed was a popular YouTube channel known for its unique take on news, pop culture, and technology. Founded by Philip DeFranco in 2012, it quickly gained a loyal following for its engaging and informative content.

The Evolution of Ownership

Initially, SourceFed was closely tied to its founder, Philip DeFranco. However, the ownership landscape changed in 2013 when DeFranco sold SourceFed, along with other channels under his DeFranco Creative portfolio, to Revision3, a subsidiary of Discovery Digital Networks. This marked a significant shift in the channel’s management and creative direction.

Under Discovery Digital Networks

Under Discovery’s umbrella, SourceFed continued to grow but saw changes in its content and operational approach. Philip DeFranco stepped back from day-to-day involvement, focusing on other ventures while still maintaining a connection with the channel’s community.

The Merger and Cancellation

The channel’s journey took another turn when Discovery Digital Networks merged with Group Nine Media in 2016. This new conglomerate decided to cancel SourceFed in 2017, leading to the channel’s eventual shutdown. The decision was part of a larger restructuring within the newly formed media company, which sought to consolidate its assets and focus on a different strategic direction.

SourceFedNerd and Aftermath

Following the cancellation of SourceFed, the SourceFedNerd channel was briefly rebranded as NowThis Nerd, which faced backlash from the community. The decision was later reversed, and SourceFedNerd was restored as an archive for the channel’s content, preserving its legacy.


While SourceFed may no longer produce new content, its impact on the YouTube community and digital content creation remains significant. From its inception by Philip DeFranco to its acquisition by major media companies, the story of SourceFed is a testament to the evolving nature of digital media and the importance of creative communities online.

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