PSA shipping time

Ordered a card or collectible from PSA? Waiting for it can be like watching a game where the clock seems to stand still. You want to know: How long will it take to get here? We know it’s hard to wait, especially when you’re not sure of the time. But, we’ve got your back! This article will talk about PSA shipping time and what makes it quick or slow.

Understanding PSA Shipping Time

PSA, short for Professional Sports Authenticator, is well-known for grading and authenticating sports memorabilia. When you buy from them, they’ll send your items through the mail. Let’s look at how long it usually takes and what can change that.

How long does it normally take for PSA to ship an item?

PSA generally ships items within 10 to 20 business days. Remember, this is an average. It might be quicker or take a little longer sometimes.

What Affects How Fast You Get Your PSA Order?

Just like a game, several plays can change the outcome. Here are things that can change your shipping time.

1. Where You Live?

Does my address change the shipping time?

Yes! If you’re close to PSA’s sending point, you’ll get your package faster. Far away or in another country means a longer wait because it has more ground to cover.

2. How You Ship It

Do different shipping ways change how long it takes?

For sure! Pick standard mail, and you’ll save money but wait longer. If you’re in a rush, choose a faster option, but it’ll cost more.

3. How Many Orders PSA Has

If PSA has lots of orders, does it take longer to ship mine?

Yep! Big sale times or when a lot of people want stuff graded, it can slow things down. PSA has to handle more orders, and it can take a bit to get to yours.

4. Customs and Borders

If I live in another country, will customs make it take longer?

It might. When orders cross borders, they have to pass through customs. This can add extra days to the wait, and it’s different for every country.

Tips to Help You With Your PSA Order

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Order: Use the tracking number PSA gives you to check where your package is.
  2. Know About Customs: If you’re not in the USA, look up how your country handles customs. This can help you guess any extra wait time.
  3. Ask PSA If You’re Unsure: Got a question or something seems off? Reach out to PSA’s customer service. They’re there to help.


Waiting for a PSA order isn’t as fun as opening it. But knowing about shipping times and what changes them can make the wait feel shorter. We’ve covered how long it takes, on average, to get your order from PSA and what can make it faster or slower. So, hang tight, and get ready to enjoy your authentic sports gear soon!

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