Computer Integrated Manufacturing explained

Computer integrated manufacturing also known as CIM is basically a software program used in manufacturing companies.

In this era most of the production process is being done by computers worldwide. It improves operations yet it’s so crucial.

What is CIM and how does it work?

In simple term, CIM is used to control the whole production process by using computers. It’s used in factories to do functions automatically such as distribution, design, inventory control, purchase, cost accounting, analysis and planning.

These are the functions linked together to control automatically by computers.

It gives direct commands to all linked functions accordingly and manages the operations.

Every manufacturing process individually includes engineering, production and marketing.

Benefits of CIM

The benefits of computer integrated manufacturing is to smoothen the production process, by providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced the cost of direct and indirect labor
  • Perfectly maintained the inventory levels
  • Reduced layoff
  • Improved flexible work hours

Eventually, it will help increasing the maximum efficiency by using CIM, instead of touching the bottom line getting a hit. And also, computer integrated manufacturing gathers the real-time relevant data from the production site.

For optimizing efficiency CIM monitors all the operational performances being done by all the main equipment.

And the biggest advantage of computer integrated manufacturing is that it increases the output. It helps the manufacturing to reach the final destiny in the shortest period of time.

It improves the manufacturing in shorter timeframes. It improves the profits, customer retention and also gathers new customers.

Disadvantages of CIM

Computers are extremely beneficial as well as prone to damage. A minor error can affect the whole production, the enterprises that relies completely on computers can be damaged intensely in such ways:

  • Increased timespan
  • Increased period of layoff
  • Idle staff
  • Customer’s disappointment
  • Dropping market shares
  • Defamation of company

Computer integrated manufacturing operates the complete production process. Even though it manages all the tasks its strange how most of the manufacturing firms don’t really invest enough on the protection of the system as it’s the main asset.

Mentioning that, there are specially designed environmental enclosures available for the protection of computer integrated manufacturing process.

They are port in a storm for computers, protecting against all the elements such as liquid, dust, dirt and also a forklift truck as for the situation it accidently reverses onto a computer which in harmful for a production operation.

Another great issue is the lack of skills to operate the computer integrated manufacturing system. Most of the manufacturing firms don’t have the skilled technicians that can operate the systems that are crucial to CIM.

CIM has been criticized a lot for the jobs losses. Although it provides more jobs but the lack of skill in current workforce in the problem. Which is why things gets complicated.

That being said, CIM is an opportunity to being versed the current manufacturing workforce. CIM can provide two facilities in manufacturing which are:

  • Increases the general production process
  • Increases the expertise of the current workforce

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